Manual Handling training action RESS Constanta


Health & Safety

Manual Handling

This module is aimed at all persons employed in the administration, production, setting-up, service and maintenance of wind turbines. Lifting and carrying result in considerable strain on the human body. Participants are taught to recognise and assess possible strain to the musculoskeletal system in the workplace. Participants are given an understanding of ergonomic work procedures by means of practical exercises.

Target Group

All personnel carrying out work on wind turbines.

Learning Outcomes




Assessment Method

Additional Information about the Module and the RSC Standard for Training Providers

Number of Trainers
Theory 1, Practical 2

Trainer Requirements
Detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology, knowledge of anthropometry

Equipment requirements
Various boxes, machines and components from 3Kg to 15 Kg, construction timber or pipes from 4m to 6m up to 10 Kg, transport handles, dollies, wheeled carts, folding ladder, steps, gloves, rescue dummy max. 30 Kg

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