WindLab Amiens training action

of the highest quality standard


RSC training content is divided into individual modules, which are categorised according to their specific field. Modules are flexible and can be offered as single training events, or grouped together to form a complete course.

The qualification levels of RSC modules comply with the reference levels of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). This provides people with a flexible way to get started depending on the knowledge they already possess and thus enables them to individually plan their own careers.

Modules relating to workplace safety must be regularly refreshed after set periods of time (please note, validation periods and contents may vary according to national regulations). All our modules are subject to the highest quality standards and are taught by RSC-certified trainers.

Each individual module meets the unique requirements found within training for the wind energy industry. Each teaching component focuses on real-life conditions both in theory and practice.

We also take into account the increasing training requirements and professional deployment within the wind energy sector and re-evaluate our approach accordingly. We ensure the ongoing quality of our modules by continuously scrutinising our existing content, which also has the effect of making working in the wind sector safer.

Module Structure

Complete Courses

Courses comprise various modules up to long-term vocational training courses. Once you complete a course, you will receive a professional qualification that corresponds to international standards.

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