composites training action 3 rotor blade repair



Rotor Blade Repair

The module enables participants to identify, assess and document damages to rotor blades and also to carry out repairs according to industry standards and document the repair work. Key elements include rotor blade access techniques, blade construction and the materials used, followed by the selection of appropriate repair measures and their reliable performance.

Target Group

All personnel carrying out rotor blade repairs

Learning Outcomes




Assessment Method

Additional Information about the Module and the RSC Standard for Training Providers

Number of Trainers
Theory 1, Practical 1

Trainer Requirements
Detailed knowledge of composite materials, several years of work experience in the wind energy sector, detailed knowledge of wind energy system technology, composition, design and structure of rotor blades, Detailed knowledge of material usage

Equipment Requirements
Practice rotor blade with damages or parts of rotor blades, Specialized tools, Camera, Comprehensive photographic images of rotor blade damage, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Work place protective measures, Notices covering skin protection plans, first aid procedures and emergency and escape route plans, Classroom (theory) with beamer and whiteboard or blackboard, Documents and forms for noting damages and proof of work carried out

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