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GWO Basic Technical Training

This BTT Training shall enable Delegates to be able to perform basic hydraulic, mechanical and electrical tasks under the supervision of an experienced technician.
This course will not make the Delegate a trained person who is allowed to perform hydraulic, mechanical or electrical work without supervision.

Learning Outcomes


Assessment Method

Additional Information about the Module and the RSC Standard for Training Providers

Number of Trainers
Theory 1:12, Practical 1:8

Trainer Requirements
Trained in instructional/lecture techniques and/or have documented/ instructional/ teaching experience.
Included in an on-going training programme, which includes visits to onshore and/or offshore WTGs (tower, nacelle, hub) prior to instructing Basic Technical Training Modules, to enable them to maintain and update skills related to the modules they instruct. Instructors shall physically visit the tower, nacelle and hub of the WTGs.

Equipment Requirements

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