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Wind Turbine Service Technician Onshore

A wind turbine service technician works with a team of well-trained professionals to maintain wind turbines and the facilities surrounding wind turbines. The main focus of the job involves direct maintenance and repairs on large wind turbine. Technicians must maintain all parts of each turbine, changing filters and other parts on a regular schedule. If something is not functioning properly, it will be the job of the technicians to figure out the problem and fix it immediately. This may involve going more than 100m off the ground to gain access to various parts of the turbines. Wind turbine service technicians must work with hazardous chemicals and heavy machinery exclusive to this industry. It is their job to remain up-to-date regarding safety regulations and other changes in this field of technology. The field continues to grow and develop, so the job requires constant learning and continuing education. Another part of the job includes basic cleaning and maintenance on the premises surrounding the wind turbines. This requires attention to safety regulations for the industry and is important for overall safety on the job.

Many wind turbine service technicians will eventually be considered for team leader or management positions.  Once promoted to team leader or a management position, the employee will oversee other technicians and make sure all aspects of a wind turbine are operating smoothly. They may also be in charge of hiring lower level wind turbine technicians.

Wind turbines can be dangerous work places. There are hazardous chemicals and dangerous equipment that must be used on a daily basis. Some responsibilities require technicians to work more than 100m off the ground. This means they must know how to safely do their jobs, and they must make critical decisions on their own. Some fast thinking may be involved to get some aspects of the job completed safely.

Those seeking positions as wind turbine technicians must be able to work in a team while still working independently as needed. Clear communication is essential to make sure all duties of the job are being completed on schedule. Technicians should also be in good physical condition to perform physical tasks throughout most of the day. Additionally, technicians must be willing to travel to remote areas for periods of time due to the location of wind parks.

Finally, a strong attention to safety and willingness to abide by industry safety standards is essential to the job. Depending on the exact responsibilities for a given technician, there will be a variety of safety guidelines that must be understood and followed at all times.

Since this field is growing rapidly, there is a substantial demand for technicians able to go through the training and start work with the skills described above. While the training and the job can be demanding this is also a lucrative and satisfying field of work to be involved in. It is estimated that wind energy will become more and more important in years to come.

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