Ladder Wall


Health & Safety

Working at Heights and Rescue Training - Refresher

This module serves to deepen knowledge already acquired and exchange of experiences about the use of personal protective equipment against fall. The course includes exercises for various emergency situations, first-aid measures and self-rescue. The participants can consolidate their knowledge about rescuing persons in wind turbines by using rescue appliances in different emergency situations.

Target Group

All personnel carrying out work on wind turbines.

Learning Outcomes




Assessment Method

Additional Information about the Module and the RSC Standard for Training Providers

Number of Trainers
Theory 1, Practical 2

Trainer Requirements
Wind-specific PPE trainer certificate; Rescue training: rescue from the ladder, rescue of an injured person, self rescue; Detailed knowledge of Health and Safety measures on wind turbines, First aid certificate

Equipment Requirements
Training tower, minimum height 25m; Range of different ladder systems and height access systems; Authorized and certified rescue equipment; Fall arrest devices; Sufficient number of personal fall protection systems

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