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Health & Safety

Working in Confined Spaces and Containers, CSE - Confined Space Entry

Working in the hub, the rotor blade and in the tower basement of a wind turbine is a highly dangerous activity. Repairs, inspections and maintenance in confined spaces and containers are subject to serious hazards. This module includes in-depth instruction and practical training on how to work safely in the above mentioned areas of a wind turbine. Participants will acquire knowledge about the dangers and the necessary protective measures. Self-rescue measures and additional first aid content are part of the training. Through the use of rescue equipment and aids, in different emergencies, participants will acquire the skills to rescue people in an emergency situation. Work and rescue using self-contained breathing apparatus is not part of this course.

Learning Outcomes




Assessment Method

Additional Information about the Module and the RSC Standard for Training Providers

Number of Trainers
Theory 1, Practical 2

Trainer Requirements
Proven knowledge of the relevant HSE regulations for PPE and confined spaces, trainer according to DGUV G-312-906, first aid training, educational suitability, and good knowledge of the fundamentals of wind turbines or technical structures, training according to RSC-HSE-23, alternatively rescue from heights according to AGBF/EUSR or equivalent, alternatively rope access technology Level 2 IRATA/FISAT. Alternatively suitability according to TRBS 2121 Part 2, alternatively plant/site fireman, alternatively supervisor with certificate. Examination according to G25, G26.2, G41 examination or equivalent.

Equipment Requirements
Training tower, hub/nose cone large enough to enter, rotor blade large enough to enter with equipment, rescue dummy at least 70 kg, rescue equipment, fall arrest devices with lifting device, PPE equipment, gas measuring devices, wind turbine components, confined space components capable of extending to a minimum depth of 3 meters, entry/exit aids, tripods, smoke hoods.

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