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College Profile & History 

WindLab is a training platform created in 2013. 2 training organizations are funded by the Regional Council to train trainees at RSC : PROMEO Amiens and GRETA Amiens. WINDLAB is certified RSC since September 2013. 96 trainees have been trained : 2 sessions per year, one in November and one in April. The training lasts 8 months and some of partners companies take part in the selection of trainees Our platform is equipped with 3 nacelles (2 technologies), a workshop with professional tools, 3 training classrooms, a painting booth, a 30 meters training tower, and an outdoor area with pales. Since early 2016, the entity “WindLab Promeo Greta” has been certified GWO for 4 modules : Working at height, Fire Awareness, Manual Handling, First Aid. Thanks to the work carried out by WindLab, PROMEO, GRETA, and the partners companies (about 40 companies), all the trainees are certified RSC and GWO. 93% are employed in partners companies as a maintenance technicians on wind farms and sometimes as an operating technicians. Furthermore, the platform is regularly rented by companies to train their employees (mainly on “working at height”). Since the GWO certification, the request increase on the 4 modules. However, our platform organization and our functioning don’t allow to answer all the requests.

WindLab Amiens entranceWindLab Amiens training actionWindLab Amiens training action nacelleWindLab Amiens rotor blade repair

Our Services

RSC Training (4 RSC trainers) – 2 trainings per year (12 trainees per session)
GWO Modules (Working at Heights, Manual Handling, Fire Awareness, First Aid)
Since 2016, 219 certificates were delivered, for our trainees or for technicians of company.


Bertrand Caudelle
Cité Scolaire, Espace WindLab
Boulevard de Saint Quentin 70
8000 Amiens
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