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Epomat is a Dutch company founded in 2010. Starting as an allround composite production facility, Epomat has grown into a network organisation specialising in designthinking composites through co-creation. Engineering, problem solving and assuring our clients gain the full experience of our projects are our goals.
With various partnerships in the fields of naval architecture, composite materials and wind energy Epomat incorporates every advantage of composites into their work.

In 2012 Epomat started operating in the wind industry carrying out rotor blade maintenance, first on ground level and gradually moving towards working at heights. With the explosive growth of the number of wind turbines came a high demand for skilled workers; this demand layed the foundations for the development of the rotor blade inspection and repair trainings.

As of today we are the only training facility in the Benelux offering certified training courses; Epomat has been accredited by RSC since 2016. A typical training requires a mininum of 6 students; actual dates are listed on the Academy website.

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Composites are the key element in our training courses. Our years of experience with composites and knowledge of rotor blade design and aerodynamics allow us to stress the importance of proper rotor blade maintenance and substantiate this with data collected in the years operating in the field.


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