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GRETA du Maine, a training organization of the National Education, trains adults in the industrial sector since 1974. It is the first adult training center in France. Greta du Maine is part of a group of high schools that allows to pool the technical and human means to offer a public service of quality and proximity. Greta du Maine in figures : 4000 trainees per year, 8 training sites, 90 high schools in network and 95% passing exams.

GRETA du Maine has been specialized in the training and qualification of Wind Farm Maintenance Technicien since 2009 with the RSC certification, and then has been awarded the GWO label in 2014. Both labelings are a guarantee of the quality of our training for professionals of the wind industry.

Our training sessions are delivered by 10 specialist teachers trained by the RSC in Germany.
GRETA du Maine relies on the technical platforms of 3 high schools :

To date, we have set up 15 training sessions for Maintenance Technician in the Wind Farm, representing more than 250 trainees, of whom about 95% are in employment 3 months after their training. We have also trained more than 200 employees in the GWO short security modules.

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Our Services

We offer a long term training of Maintenance Technician in Wind Farm with one session per year (beginning in September and ending in March). Duration 560h in our training center and 280h in a company. The training center period is based on three main units:

Wind energy professionals intervene on the knowledge of the wind environment, such as : weather phenomena, different renewable energies, development / operation of a wind farm, legislation, aerodynamics, wind study, Offshore.

Since 2014, Greta du Maine has offered short RSC/GWO-certified safety modules in both initial and retraining courses. These modules are:

training tower Le Mansworking at heights training action at Greta du Maine in Le Mansworking at heights training action at Greta du Maine in Le Mansworking at heights training action

GRETA du Maine has trained more than 200 French or foreign candidates mainly employees of wind companies such as MASER ENGINEERING, NATURAL POWER, NET WIND, CLIMATELEC, VULCAIN, QUALICONSULT Morocco and France, ABO WIND, SIEMENS SAS, INGETEAM, GLOBAL ENERGY SIEMSA SERVICES.
GRETA du Maine works internationally on on-site training projects with companies in the wind sector.


Isabelle Godefroy
rue des Grandes Courbes 28
72100 Le Mans
phone: +33 (0)2 43 84 04 50
e-mail: isabelle.godefroy@ac-nantes.fr
Online: www.greta-paysdelaloire.fr
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