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Renewable Energy School of Skills

College Profile & History 

Renewable Energy School of Skills (RESS) is the leading consultancy, innovation and technology company for wind energy in Romania. Working with more than 75% of the market, WPE has acquired knowledge in turbine operation technique, now operating also the largest private dispatch center in Romania with more than 900MW under technical management. As a consultancy company, WPE learned how to train people in new areas.
Our Energy School of Skills aims to become the biggest training school in South-East Europe. Our target is to improve Turbine Operation all over Europe.

RESS training tower ConstantaRESS training action ladder system 1 working at heights trainingRESS training action ladder system 2 working at heights trainingRESS training action ladder system 4 working at heights training

Our Services

As RSC and GWO certified training provider we offer a wide range of HSE and technical training modules:

RSC/GWO Basic Training Modules

RSC Technical Training Modules

RESS-RSVTI-01 – 06 : RSVTI Local Training

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